Pro-Yes group announces plans for mass canvass


  By Martin Kelly
A left leaning pro-independence campaign group which is calling for an end to austerity and action against poverty has announced plans for a mass nationwide canvass in support of a Yes vote in September’s independence referendum.
Radical Independence will hold the event next Sunday, June 22nd, which is planned to persuade Scots, in particular those from a working class background, to back a Yes vote.

Taking in areas from Lertwick to Dumfries, the national canvass builds on recent similar events which saw the organisation target areas with low voter turnout in a bid to increase participation in the independence referendum.

In a statement, Radical Independence said: “With less than 100 days of the campaign left, we need to step things up, so get involved and help transform Scotland. 

“With Obama entering the referendum debate, it is clear that Scottish Independence can have profound foreign policy implications.  Independence gives us the chance to break with decades of militarism.”

Commenting, Maggie Chapman, co-convenor of Scottish Greens said: “I am so proud to be a Radical Independence activist, and so proud that the Greens have been part of it from the start.

“It’s the most exciting part of the Yes campaign, but so much more than that too – Radical Independence is the grassroots expression of Scotland’s burning desire for the egalitarian, internationalist country that we are so close to becoming.

“On June 22nd I’ll be out campaigning for the fairer Scotland we deserve. I hope you will join me.”

Singer and commentator Pat Kane added: “The radical independence campaign is performing one of the most vital tasks of the referendum – making sure that working-class areas of Scotland are fully registered to vote on Sept 18th, and motivated to do so for a Yes victory.  I fully support RIC and their efforts in the next few months.”

John Finnie MSP said: “The elites who run Britain don’t need to vote. Why bother with the democratic process when your privileged position protects you anyway.

“We need to change and the referendum gives us that chance. We must persuade our communities why they must register, then vote. That’s the first part of paving the way to a more equal society.”

Radical Independence has created a special website with information on events across the country.  The website can be viewed by clicking here.