Queen goes barking mad in Balmoral at corgis frozen food


Last week, holidaying in Balmoral, the Queen was dishing up her pets’ supper one evening and made the shocking discovery that the corgis’ supposedly freshly cooked and lovingly prepared meals were in fact reheated meals from the freezer – Her Majesty was understandably appalled, furious, disappointed and ‘quite simply she went bonkers’.

According to sources, the Queen realized the meal had been frozen after noticing it had not properly defrosted in the middle.  The Queen insists the supposedly chef-prepared corgis meals are 100 per cent fresh. But when she found out the cooks had not been following her instructions a footman was summoned and told to go down to the kitchens, speak to the chefs and let her feelings be known.  They were told in no uncertain terms that it should never, ever happen again and that all food must be fresh.

Sources say Buckingham Palace’s head chef, Mark Flanagan, who took over from long-serving Lionel Mann in 2002, had imposed unpopular cost-cutting measures and perhaps he was trying to save money using frozen meat.  ‘People are saying this would never have happened in Lionel Mann’s day, he knew exactly what the Queen wanted.’

Another former royal chef Darren McGrady, who worked for 11 years for at Buckingham Palace, has previously revealed that a menu for the corgis was typed up daily and posted on the Palace kitchen wall. ‘They’d have poached chicken or liver, or rabbits shot by William and Harry which we’d clean, cook, debone and chop for them,’ he said.

When Her Highness has time, she likes to serve up the dogs’ main meal herself at about 5pm.  She scoops the cooked meat into several smaller bowls, using a fork to mix in biscuits and home-made gravy.  She also crumbles up baked scones and puts them on the floor for woman’s best friend.

It’s a dog’s life.