Radical Independence group initiates public meetings roadshow of Glasgow’s East End


The Glasgow North & East branch of the Radical Independence Campaign has begun the first of many public meetings targeted at engaging the working class people of Glasgow’s East End into September’s referendum discussion.

The first meeting today took place on 24th June in the Bambury Centre of Barrowfield with the site of the opening ceremony of Glasgow 2014, Celtic Park, just on the horizon.

The group aided local community activists in the setup of a fun day for local kids to enjoy a day of free games, face painting, dance and football in an area badly neglected by a lack of services for decades. This is the first instance of real community driven project combining with the task of engaging people into the decision on Scotland’s constitutional future.

The event is only the first of what the group has planned for the East End and similar projects are already been discussed for areas including Shettleston, Parkhead, Bailleston and Easterhouse.

The project is being supported by many high profile Independence campaigners such as one of the East End’s most famous daughters, Elaine C Smith, who spoke at today’s meeting.

She said: “The efforts going into today’s organising is enough to make me cry. To see communities that have went through so much finally realising the chance of a lifetime in the shape of a Yes vote, fantastic.”