Radioactive leak at Dounreay nuclear plant


Radioactive material has leaked from the former Dounreay nuclear power site.  Authorities have insisted that the leak, of contaminated effluent, was confined to an area within the treatment facility.

The Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) has launched an investigation in order to determine how the leak occurred and to find the source.

Commenting, the local MSP for Dounreay has claimed that the incident shows that nuclear power has no place in Scotland’s energy future.

Praising the local workforce who are dealing with the leak, SNP MSP for Caithness, Sutherland and Ross, Rob Gibson said the incident was further evidence that nuclear power generation was not safe.

Mr Gibson said:

“Thankfully, no staff  from Dounreay have been harmed in this incident and I trust that the investigation will assure the public that the surrounding area will not be affected.

“I have every confidence in the workforce to undertake the recovery process and in the nuclear inspectors to explain to the public what has happened and what will need to be done to contain and clean up the sphere.

“These events underline both the complexity of the decommissioning processes and the possibility that errors may still be made.  Nuclear energy has no place in a safe Scotland.”

SEPA recently caused controversy after it admitted that radioactive contamination around the plant could not be cleared up.  Dounreay is currently undergoing a £2.6bn decommissioning process.  A treatment area inside the plant has been shut down whilst an investigation is carried out.