Rangers fans stage protest against “Biased British Corporation”


Rangers fans have staged a protest outside BBC Scotland’s Pacific Quay HQ in protest at what they claim is bias against the club.

On Saturday, fans held banners proclaiming “Biased British Corporation” in the peaceful demonstration that followed broadcasts by the BBC.

The demo was organised by a group called ‘Vanguard Bears’, who claimed that the Ibrox club has been the victim of subtle reporting and video editing intended to leave viewers with a subliminal negative impression of the club.

In a press release the campaign organisers said: “Rangers FC have come under sustained attack from the BBC over a number of years.  It is our view that there is an agenda within BBC Scotland, and within the network BBC against Rangers Football Club.

“The BBC clearly targets our club with negative propaganda both directly and through subliminal reporting and picture editing.

“The time has passed for subtle inferences of unbalanced reporting, to state in clear terms that the BBC is biased against Rangers Football Club.”

On its website the campaign group list four examples of what  they insist is evidence of bias. 

  • BBC Employees’ continued use of the sectarian term ‘Hun’ to describe Rangers supporters.
  • “Inappropriate editing” of an Ally McCoist interview.
  • The recent Twitter message (Tweet) from a BBC employee mocking our dead in the Ibrox Disaster. [The tweet used an offensive term often used to denigrate the memories of victims who were crushed to death in the disaster.]
  • The malicious ‘hatchet job’ on Craig Whyte in a recent investigative report on “Rangers: The Inside Story”

Last month, Rangers withdrew all co-operation with the BBC ahead of the programme, BBC Scotland Investigates: Rangers The Inside Story, describing it as “little more than a prejudiced muckraking exercise”.

It followed an apology from the BBC after they broadcast an edited video of Mr McCoist that appeared to show him smirking when being asked about sectarianism in Scottish football.


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