Ravenscraig a stark reminder 30 years on


The 30th anniversary of the publication of key Herald articles on the future of Ravenscraig is a stark reminder of the dangers of trusting in Tory governments that have been rejected by people in Scotland, the SNP has said.
Over December the 21st and 22nd 1982, the Herald reported that a temporary reprieve for the steel works announced by the Tories had unravelled within twenty-four hours as it became clear it would not prevent potential job losses.

Eleven years later, after the sell-off of Ravenscraig which ultimately led to its closure, the Tory Government of the day backed European protection measures for single-plant national steel industries that would have allowed an independent Scotland to protect Ravenscraig.

Ironically, much of the events that came to pass under the Tories had been used by the No campaign in the run up to the 1979 referendum as scare stories to put people off voting Yes.

Commenting, SNP MSP Clare Adamson who led a debate in the Scottish Parliament on the steel workers’ memorial fund earlier this year said:

“The 30th anniversary of these telling articles has an important warning for people in Scotland today.

“Just as it turned out that the real danger from all the scare stories ahead of the 1979 referendum was in fact Tory Governments at Westminster, the real danger to Scotland on many issues today comes from the same source.

“Today people in Scotland are being bombarded with scare stories from anti-independence politicians, but just as in 1979 the real threat to Scotland is the prospect of Tory government at Westminster.

“It is the Tory Government at Westminster that is the real threat to Scotland’s EU membership and it is the Tory Government at Westminster that is determined to systematically undermine the welfare state.

“It is only with the powers of an independent Scotland that we will be able to ensure that Scotland is not damaged by the failings of a Tory Government that simply cannot be trusted.

“If Scotland’s interests are to be looked after, then we need to ensure that decisions affecting this country are taken by those with the greatest stake in our future – the people of Scotland themselves. Only a Yes vote in 2014 will give us that opportunity and ensure that decisions are taken by a parliament 100% elected in Scotland.”

The relevant articles can be viewed at The Glasgow Herald – Dec 21, 1982 and The Glasgow Herald – Dec 22, 1982

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