Reader delighted as Scots notes worth more than ‘British’ counterpart


Scottish banknotes have resulted in a pleasant surprise for one reader of Newsnet Scotland who found they were worth more than their Bank of England counterparts.

The reader, Derek Logan, who lives and works in Dubai, explained to Newsnet Scotland how his eldest son received thirty pounds as a birthday present – one Bank of England £20 note and one Clydesdale Bank £10 note.

“We went to a local Foreign Exchange outlet, there are many here.” He told Newsnet Scotland.

“The gentlemen behind the counter looked at the notes, looked again and moved off to his supervisor.  The supervisor came over to me, asked ‘Is this Scottish?’.  I replied yes. 

“He spoke to the teller who then sat back done at his computer and typed away.  We then received the Dirhams in exchange for both notes and receipt.  The value of AED was 5.51 to the Pound.  The value of Scotland Pound was 5.70”

The reader kindly supplied Newsnet Scotland with a receipt of the exchange, clearly showing the Scottish pound with the higher value.

Dubai is a city located in the United Arab Emirates and is currently home to thousands of Scottish expat workers.