Record performance for Scottish Greens in Euro elections


The Scottish Greens hailed their best-ever result in Scotland, saying that thousands of people were now rallying to the Greens as the torchbearer of radical and progressive politics.

While disappointed at falling just short of electing the first Green MEP, the party says its record result, well ahead of the Lib Dems, would deliver a much larger group of MSPs if repeated in the 2016 Scottish elections.

Top candidate Councillor Maggie Chapman said:

“In this election we asked ‘What kind of Scotland do you want?’ The response has been the biggest-ever vote for the Greens, showing growing support for our vision of a Scotland which prizes economic justice, welcomes new Scots from around the world, and stands for peace.

“While I am personally disappointed at falling just short of election, I am also delighted that it looks like our sister party in England will increase its number Green MEPs and that, across Europe, Green MEP numbers are rising.

She added:

“Like most Scots, I am troubled by far-right UKIP securing a foothold in Scotland despite no presence on the ground or interest in what happens here. Obviously millionaire backing and blanket media coverage counts for something. But, over the next 5 years, as people in Scotland see what a UKIP MEP looks like, I am confident they’ll realise what a waste a UKIP vote is.”

Scottish Greens co-convenor Patrick Harvie MSP added:

“Congratulations to Maggie and our campaign team. We have strengthened our position as the torch-bearer for radical ideas in Scottish politics, and are in the process of replacing the Liberal Democrats as Scotland’s fourth major party. Based on this result, we can look forward to electing many more Green MSPs in 2016.

“More immediately, it gives me renewed confidence that our distinctive vision of Scotland in the Green Yes campaign will really make a difference as the independence referendum draws nearer.”