Renfrewshire Police dramatically slash crime rates


Police officers are winning the war crime after slashing annual crime across Renfrewshire.  A total of 11,600 crimes were reported in 2009-2010 – down from over 13,000 the year before – while detectives are also solving more cases.

Offences committed in the Paisley area last year fell significantly by almost 1,500.  Violent crime is down by just under 200 cases to 509 and dishonesty crime dropped by 480 to 5,468.

Inspector Duncan Sloan, a senior Paisley officer said:  “We have put in place greater focus on stopping violent offences and crimes of disorder by looking specifically at offender management and targeting trouble hot-spots. 

“Essentially, we are now doing the right thing in the right places.  We are looking at people who are repeat offenders and the types of crime they commit and targeting these individuals for special attention in order to reduce their reoffending. 

“We monitor their behaviour and monitor them when they are released from custody.  It might be as simple as going round unannounced and chapping on their door once a week, but it works.  We’re no longer waiting on them to cause trouble.”

Councillor Kenny MacLaren, Renfrewshire Council’s community safety spokesperson, added: “It is no coincidence that recorded crime continues to fall at a time when police officer numbers are strong.  We will build on this as we move forward with our police reform plans to protect local policing and improve access to the very best specialist expertise whenever and wherever it is needed.”