Rise in Scottish exports


Figures released today show that Scotish exports rose by 6% in the second quarter of 2010.

Enterprise Minister Jim Mather welcomed the news saying it was evidence that the Scottish government’s economic recovery plan was working, but the minister warned against complacency.

Mr Mather said:

“These figures demonstrate the resilience of Scottish companies competing globally in what remains a volatile and challenging climate.

“We recognise the importance of building on the fragile recovery which is underway and, through our economic recovery plan, are delivering practical help for our exporters.

“More resources are being invested to help thousands of firms across Scotland to internationalise through the £7.6 million Smart Exporter project – delivered jointly by Scottish Chambers International and Scottish Development International – while the expansion of the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service (SMAS) has doubled the number of companies this vital service can reach, helping our exporters remain competitive.

“There can be no complacency, which is why the UK Government is wrong to push ahead with cuts that are too deep and too quick and threaten economic recovery. This emphasises that we need the full powers of real financial responsibility so that we can do even more to grow the Scottish economy, putting Scotland on the path to long term economic success.”