Rosyth’s last hope is sunk by Tory traitors


By G.A.Ponsonby
It’s quite a headline isn’t it – the ‘traitors’ word isn’t one that nationalists should use and it’s banned on this site, we can already hear the squeals from the Better Together campaign as Labour join their Tory and Lib Dem allies to denounce the narrow minded nats.
The headline though is from the Daily Record in 1996.  It accompanied an article which followed the decision to award a contract to refit Trident submarines to Devonport instead of the more deserving Rosyth.

The article revealed the anger felt by Labour and Lib Dem MPs over the decision of the UK government to award the contract to the English yard despite the cost to the UK taxpayer being an additional £100 million.

The language by Labour was just as extreme – “Labour found successive Scots Secretaries Malcolm Rifkind, Ian Lang and Michael Forsyth guilty of betrayal.” said the article.

Guilty of betrayal eh – but who was being betrayed?  Surely not the Scots who are routinely reminded just how better together we all are as part of this glorious Union.

The impotence of their Better Together partners when the Tories were indulging in their favourite sport of crapping on Scotland was as evident as when the poll tax was foisted on Scotland.  If Scots really wanted a reminder of just how powerless Scottish Unionists are when Scots are being betrayed then a look at the people who were crying crocodile tears at the shocking Rosyth decision makes for interesting reading.

“Today I am demanding the publication of the full facts and figures before a decision is announced, a National Audit Office investigation of the bids, and a Public Accounts Committee investigation into the decision-making process.

“There must be a full inquiry.  There has been a £100million blunder.  This is blatantly political and public money is being wasted.”

The concerned Labour MP, who at that moment probably knew that Scotland was very much not better together was one Gordon Brown.

A Mr Menzies Campbell, Liberal Democrat defence spokesman and MP for North-east Fife, said: “If the submarine refit goes to Devonport and not Rosyth the Tory Party in Scotland might as well go into receivership.”

Another Lib Dem who was equally unimpressed with how well Scotland was faring by being “together” was a Mr Jim Wallace who remarked: “Yet the Prime Minister has refused to meet MPs representing the Rosyth bid, while agreeing to meet MPs from Devonport.”

Wallace now languishes in the unelected House of Lords with a very generous tax free expense package and a high profile role in the anti-independence campaign as he tells all who will listen just how well Scotland does by being governed by Westminster – what a difference an ermine robe makes.

The then Shadow Scottish Secretary, Labour MP Tom Clarke was equally unimpressed saying: “English Tory MPs trying to deprive Rosyth of the contract for refitting nuclear submarines…”

English MPs depriving Scots of work – a comment that if it were made by the SNP would have MPs like Clarke crying “racist”.

The publication of documents yesterday revealing the shocking anti-Rosyth lobbying that went on from the MoD and Conservative MPs will do nothing for the men who lost their jobs.  It will also do nothing to prevent the likes of Brown, Wallace, Clarke and Campbell from repeating the lie that Scotland fares well as part of this Union.

In fact the documents aren’t all that shocking.  They fit a pattern that goes all the way back to the seventies when successive Labour and Tory MPs colluded to keep the truth of Scotland’s oil wealth secret.

In Scotland today we have no steel making, no car industry and shipbuilding is all but gone.  Our defence footprint is rapidly decreasing in size as the UK government rationalises and downsizes its armed forces.

In Scottish Labour and indeed Lib Dem MPs, we have people willing to stand back and watch as their countrymen and women are cast on the scrapheap and treated with contempt.

Sooner or later the traditional Labour voters in Scotland will come to realise that these people don’t care – they’ll say whatever it takes to keep their lucrative careers going.  They’ve killed off the Labour party in Scotland and, when our oil eventually runs dry, they will kill off Scotland as well.