Royal Mail threat another reason for independence say Scottish Socialists


Scottish Socialist Party leader Colin Fox today insisted the threatened privatisation of Royal Mail was “another issue Scots rejected which the Coalition Government look set to force upon us”. 

Mr Fox insisted that under Independence the postal service would be returned to public ownership.

Speaking ahead of a public meeting on the case for Independence at the Commonwealth Pool on Monday evening, Mr Fox said:

“The people of Scotland have repeatedly rejected the Tories ‘dog eat dog’ view of the world which promotes privatisation of services like Royal Mail over public ownership.  Independence means Scotland would no longer have to suffer such decisions from governments we did not elect.

“It enshrines our democratic right to determine our own future and elect the Governments we want.”

Royal Mail made £400million in profits last year and provides a lifeline public service to many of its customers.  Last week the Coalition Government in London announced its aim to sell it off.

Mr Fox added: “The Scottish Socialist Party rejects the privatisation of this vital public service as indeed do the overwhelming majority of Scots.  Yet it is another issue, just like the bedroom tax and the poll tax before that, which Scots rejected only to have Government force it upon us. 

“With public attention increasingly focused on economic and social issues as people suffer the effects of the worst recession in 80 years and a substantial fall in their standard of living and the quality of their public services the question people are increasingly asking us is ‘Will I be better off with Independence?’ Surely the threatened privatisation of Royal Mail once again shows the answer is most definitely yes.”

Sharing the platform with Colin Fox at the meeting at the Royal Commonwealth Pool on Monday evening will be the Highlands and Islands MSP John Finnie, the former Labour MP John McAllion and SSP spokeswoman Sandra Webster.