Rumours of another Gulf oil spill


There are reports of another oil spill in the Gulf just off the Louisiana coast about twenty miles from the site of BP’s ClearWater Horizon rig.  The spill is said to have originated from W&T Offshore’s Matterhorn SeaStar rig. Another deep water rig.

So far the details come largely from this article from the Tallashassi Environmental news Examiner.  According the the article,

The site of the sheen, near Mississippi Canyon 243, lies 30 miles from the Louisiana coastline. The Matterhorn field, at a depth of 2,789 feet (850 meters) of water, was discovered in 1999, leased and permitted in July 2001, and came into production in November 2003. It is located 30 miles SE of the mouth of the Mississippi River.

The article claims that a fisherman sailed through it.  Other reports add colour quoting ‘a fisherman’ who said the smell as he sailed over it was very strong.  There are photos cirulating which claim to be of the spill, taken from an helicopter.  And the report is that the Coast Guard has sent another helicopter to investigate.  No news from them yet.

The spill is variously said to be 20 miles or 100 miles long and about 12 wide. No verification of either measurement.  And no word form W&T Offshore inc either.  Let’s hope this is NOT another spill.