Russian and UK government’s quizzed as carrier dumps waste off Scottish coast


Westminster SNP leader and Defence spokesman has condemned what he called ‘marine fly-tipping’ after the Russian Aircraft carrier Admiral Kuznetsov which is currently moored 20-30 miles off the Moray Firth coast was observed dumping waste into the sea.

While the UK is unable to monitor the Russian vessels with maritime patrol aircraft as a result of scrapping the entire Nimrod fleet, the deployment is being observed by the Royal Navy destroyer HMS York and is visible to Scottish fishing vessels.

Speaking about the incident Mr Robertson demanded to know what the UK Government has done about it.

The Moray MP said

“Given the bad weather conditions the Russian vessels are very welcome to shelter off the Scottish coast, but it is more than bad manners to dispose of waste by simply throwing it overboard.

“This is in contravention of agreements and normal practice and I think we need answers from the Russian and UK Governments.

“Have the appropriate authorities been informed?  What was disposed of?  Why was it not done properly?”

In a series of parliamentary questions Mr Robertson is asking the UK Government about the incident:

“Will the Ministry of Defence confirm that Russian personnel aboard the Admiral Kuznetsov have been observed disposing of waste into the sea off the Scottish coast?”

“Was the UK National Maritime Intelligence Centre informed about the waste disposal?”

“Has the Scottish Government and Marine Scotland been informed about the incident by National Maritime Intelligence Centre?”

“Has the UK Government been in contact with Russian authorities about the waste disposal?”

The 60,000 tonne Russian carrier and escort vessels have been sheltering for weather avoidance because of extreme conditions further out to sea.  The aircraft carrier group is en route to the Mediterranean from its northern base at Severomorsk for exercises with the Russian Black Sea Fleet.