Salmond backs Grimason’s call for arms trade treaty


First Minister Alex Salmond has praised the work of Scottish campaigner David Grimason who is in New York attending the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Conference.
Saturday 7th July is the anniversary of the death of Alistair Grimason, David’s infant son who was tragically shot and killed in Turkey in 2003.

Mr Salmond met with Mr Grimason before he left Scotland to attend the conference, and called on the UN to press for change at the international level.

The Scottish Government has given its support to the global campaign to crack down on the transfer of arms that are used to break international humanitarian and human rights law.

The First Minister said: “The Scottish Government is strongly supportive of an international arms trade treaty.

“Securing this kind of agreement among the nations of the world would mean a huge step forward in preventing human rights abuses.

“The unregulated arms trade has a significant and all too visible impact on men, women and children, particularly in vulnerable nations.

“Of course, no matter how strong the Scottish Government’s support, this will also require action at an international level and I highlighted the Scottish Government’s support to the UN in advance of the Arms Trade Treaty conference.”

“David Grimason is to be praised for his work drawing this vital issue to the attention of both the public and the international community. His own son was killed in a tragic incident in Turkey yet he has had the courage to speak out to stop others being affected in the same way.”