Salmond pledges public inquiry into trams fiasco


First Minister Alex Salmond has pledged to hold a full public inquiry into the shambles of the Edinburgh trams.

The announcement follows the council vote last Thursday that saw a proposal by the Labour group pushed through after it won backing from the Tories.

The new plan will see the trams project continue but the line ended at Haymarket, before it gets to the city centre.

Critics have reacted angrily with business leaders and locals condemning the move that is claimed will result in a £4 million annual loss.  Labour councillors have said they do not believe the figures.

A spokesman for the First Minister said: “We will be delighted to have a public inquiry into the trams fiasco, and will do so once there is greater clarity about the direction of the project so that its full circumstances can be examined.”

The news of an inquiry comes as reports suggest that the council may attempt to overturn last week’s vote.  Council officials are reported to be looking at the new plan to see if it is significantly different from the original plan to warrant a special meeting which could lead to another vote.