Salmond urges voters – ‘do what is best for Scotland’


by G.A.Ponsonby

First Minister and Scottish National Party leader Alex Salmond has issued a polling day message to people thinking of voting SNP for the first time, urging them to trust the SNP and to do what is best for Scotland.

Mister Salmond, who himself will be casting his vote this morning at his local polling station in Inverurie, insisted that trust and positivity were key to Scotland’s future.

Mr Salmond said:

“Today, many people will be thinking of voting SNP for the very first time, and I am asking them to do what is best for Scotland.  A re-elected SNP government will not let them down.  If people place their trust in us, we will repay that trust and always take our lead from the people of Scotland.

“The SNP’s positive campaign has attracted support from right across Scottish society.  Leading job creators such as Jim McColl and Tom Farmer have joined with labour movement figures like Tommy Brennan, Dennis Canavan and Bashir Maan to back my re-election as First Minister.  We have support from artists such as Brian Cox and Mark Millar, through to Audrey Baxter and Lady Claire Macdonald in the food and drink sector.

“This diverse range of people all believe that Scotland’s interest is best served by a re-elected SNP government.  They are Team Scotland and today millions of voters – the people who really matter – will have the opportunity to join them.”

Mr Salmond highlighted the SNP’s core pledges and insisted that the party would continue to ensure that Holyrood received the economic powers necessary to grow the Scottish economy and create jobs.

The First Minister added:

“A re-elected SNP government will keep Council Tax frozen for five years, ensure our National Health Service is protected, and keep Scotland safe by maintaining the 1,000 extra police we have put on the streets.  To achieve those things, people must vote SNP on both ballot papers.

“We are proud of the positive campaign we have run.  Unlike others, we will never talk Scotland down.  We have a vision for our country.  If re-elected, we will re-engineer Scotland through the development of green energy.  We will push for the economic powers to help Scotland’s businesses and therefore create more jobs.  We will develop the talents of our people by keeping education free.

“The SNP stand for ambition and opportunity, as well as social justice and fairness.  We reflect all of Scotland, and if re-elected today we will govern for all of Scotland.”