Scotland becoming the place to live as UK migration increases


By a Newsnet reporter
New statistics have revealed that since the SNP came to power in 2007, no fewer than 820,000 people from the rest of the UK have decided to make Scotland their home.
The figures show that 10,045 people from Northern Ireland were joined by a staggering 788,414 from England and Wales in the south to north move.

With 708,000 people deciding to move from Scotland the figures show a net positive gain of over 100,000 to the Scottish population.

As thousands of revellers flock to Scotland to celebrate Hogmanay, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine has welcomed statistics.

Ms McAlpine, SNP MSP for South Scotland, said:

“Scotland has attracted over 800,000 people from the rest of the UK in the last four years to live here.  Our increasingly multi-cultural society is growing as people choose our beautiful country as their home.

“Scotland is a dynamic and growing country with a vision for independence, shared and supported by many people from all backgrounds.”

Ms McAlpine claimed the SNP’s vision for Scotland as a “better, wealthier, greener and safer country” meant more people than ever before were choosing to make Scotland their home.

The MSP added:

“And as an independent nation we will continue to welcome those who want to live in Scotland and play their part in our society.  That is why more people are choosing to live here than moving the other way, with 100,000 more settling in Scotland.

“The SNP is dedicated to making Scotland better and we’re taking the next steps to making this country truly flourish.

“But Scotland needs to have responsibility for its own destiny – devolution is simply not enough.”