Labour in Scotland to seek independence?


by Robert D. Knight

In a remarkable turn of events Scottish Labour MSPs are considering splitting from the UK party, it was reported this weekend.

Talking to the Sunday Express a senior party figure claimed it would take a “miracle” for the party’s fortune to improve and predicted, “This is the death knell of the Labour Party as we know it in Scotland.”

The former Holyrood MSP who is standing for re-election went on to say, “We are coming very close to the day when the Labour Party in Scotland becomes separate from the one south of the Border or a federal party like the Lib Dems.”

The news that some of his colleagues are now pursuing separation won’t please Iain Gray who has been fighting the election under the help of Ed Balls, Gordon Brown and his leader Ed Miliband.

It is also unclear whether a separate Scottish Labour Party would be able to survive on its own.

Angus Macleod, Scottish political editor of the Times confirmed on BBC’s Newsweek Scotland that following Labour’s disastrous slide in the polls last week hurried telephone exchanges were made between Scotland and London to ask: “What do we do now?”

The re-launched campaign has done little to improve the party’s standing and Iain Gray’s misfiring stewardship has led them ever closer to splitting from Westminster and Scottish independence.