Scotland must ‘grab its slice of the pie’ says major accountancy firm


  By Owen O’Donnell
The chairperson of leading accountancy firm, Campbell Dallas LLP, today highlighted the economic benefits of a Yes vote for Scotland by drawing attention to the country’s potential to attract foreign investors.
Ian Williams, head of the nationally renowned firm, said in today’s Press and Journal that Scotland must “grab its slice of the pie” pointing out the fact that small nations such as Ireland, Singapore and Belgium are able to outperform larger countries in attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) through an attractive rate of corporate tax systems.

In December, the firm gave a nod towards Scotland’s food and drink industry, specifically whisky production, as one that will be on the rise in the upcoming fiscal year.  The national tipple has seen huge investment from China and India over the last year with the latter ploughing millions into creating new distillery capacity within Scotland.

Mr Williams told the Press and Journal:

“For many, many years the market was static…but now we’ve seen a complete turnaround.  There’s been a huge surge in demand from the domestic and international market. Whisky has emerged as an attractive investment these past 12 months.”

Meanwhile, a legendary figure from the world of food and drink, Albert Roux has criticised Westminster for failing to adequately “sell Scotland to the world.”

The three-star Michelin chef gave praise to the Scottish government, telling today’s Herald that Holyrood was doing a much better job in promoting tourism than its London counterpart.

He said: “I love Scotland but the Westminster government has been lamentable over the years in selling it as a place of exquisite beauty with world-class-quality natural produce.

“I am not political but as an observer all I can say is we have never been better served by the government we have. Since the present (Scottish) government took power, there has been a big change for the better in terms of selling Scotland to the world.”

Both comments have been well received by French-Scot MSP, Christian Allard. Allard, who is also a member of the Economy, Energy and Tourism Committee, said:

“These are fantastic contributions to the debate on Scotland’s future by Chef Roux and top accountancy firm boss Ian Williams.

“It is particularly fitting with Burns Night this weekend – when people all over the world celebrate Scotland and eat and drink some of our country’s most famous produce – that the greater potential for Scotland is highlighted by these leading business figures in Scotland.

“Food and drink along with tourism are two vital, fruitful sectors of Scotland’s economy, and with a Yes vote and independence even greater levels of success are possible.

“Competitive corporate tax in an independent Scotland – as proposed by the SNP – will mean even greater levels of foreign investment in Scotland which will generate jobs, wealth and further build Scotland’s economy.”