Business leaders say 100% renewable goal is achievable


by G.A.ponsonby

Seven of Scotland’s most influential renewables businessmen have published an open letter backing the SNP’s goal of 100% renewable energy generation by 2020.

The letter, reproduced below, comes on the day the SNP published a paper detailing how the target will be met.

Scotland currently generates 30% of its consumed energy from renewables and the original 2007 goal of 50% by 2020 has been reviewed upwards as a result of the progress made in the sector.

The SNP have already approved a record 42 new renewable projects in the party’s first term in office, double that of the previous Labour/Lib Dem administration.

The Nationalists recently repeated their call for Scotland’s Fossil Fuel levy fund to be released by the UK coalition government.  Almost £200 million is currently held in a London bank account after the last Labour administratioon refused to release it.

The letter written by the businessmen:

Dear Sir,

Scotland’s renewable industry has made significant progress in recent decades and an ever increasing share of our electricity consumption is now generated by renewable sources with more coming online every month.

It is important that we continue to build on that. Scotland is already establishing itself as a world leader in renewables technology because of our engineering skill base, government commitment and the potential of our vast natural resources.

The target of 100% renewables by 2020 that has already been backed by a number of industry leaders, academics and politicians is ambitious but achievable.  This means that Scotland will by then produce around twice the electricity that we consume with just over half coming from a variety of renewable sources.

It is vital that we maintain momentum on our renewables industry and continue to send out a clear message to act as a magnet for the capital investment needed to realise the vision.  The 100% target will focus the minds of politicians, planners and industry bringing the certainty and leadership that will help attract further jobs and investment.

Scotland is well placed to meet the opportunities provided by the shift to the low carbon economy and the 100% target is another vital step in that journey.

  • Keith Anderson, Chief Executive Officer, Scottish Power Renewables
  • Allan MacAskill, Business Development Director SeaEnergy Renewables
  • Roy MacGregor, Chairman, Global Energy Group
  • Martin McAdam, Chief Executive Officer, Aquamarine Power
  • Richard Yemm, Chief Technical Officer, Pelamis Wave Power
  • David Maxwell, Steel Engineering, Managing Director
  • John Robertson, Managing Director at Burntisland Fabrications Ltd