Scots told ‘Why don’t you go back to Scotland’


An English MP has urged the House of Commons to tell Scots to ‘Go back to Scotland’ if they object to a proposal to change UK time in order to keep English winter nights lighter than at present.

Such proposals have failed in the past as they would see Scottish days become darker.

Conservative MP Greg Knight (pictured) who is supporting a proposal that would see clicks shift one hour forward shouted angrily:

“I suspect the only opponents will be a handful of Scots.  If that is the case shouldn’t they be told; You’ve got your own parliament, if you don’t like it go away and give yourselves your own time zone”.

There was an audible murmur of disbelief at the remarks that will be seen by many as at best grossly insulting and at worse discriminatory.

The East Yorkshire MP is best known for having made expenses claims for repairs to the driveway at his home where he owns a collection of vintage cars.

Mr Knight was on the committee which helped formulate David Maclean’s private member’s bill in 2007 which would have exempted Parliament from the Freedom of Information Act, thereby ensuring that MPs’ expense claims would have remained secret.

The comments from the Tory MP will have done little to enhance David Cameron’s so called ‘Respect Agenda’ and are sure to cause outrage in Scotland.