Scots trust the BBC less than anyone else


By John Drummond 

The latest YouGov survey published yesterday on public attitudes to the BBC ought to make grim reading for broadcasting executives. However buried amongst the later pages of the You Gov report is an interesting finding regarding Scottish views on the BBC.

According to YouGov, 0% of people in Scotland trusts the BBC more as a result of its recent behaviour. While a whopping 38% of Scots trust the broadcaster less.  This is the highest disapproval rating in the UK, the London percentage is 31%.

Now while it may the case that You Gov surveys could be more accurate in terms of representing Scottish political views, any competent management would ignore these findings at their peril.

It also raises questions about why this should be so.  Is it all to do with the Savile and Newsnight omnishambles?  Or are there underlying trends that suggest Scots have been falling out of love with the state broadcaster for some time, and Savile et al has merely triggered a steeper decline in their affections?

Usually when a brand becomes tainted as in the case of the BBC; it presents opportunities for other suppliers.  Social media and other broadcasters now have a unique opening to provide the Scottish people with alternatives to the state broadcaster.  How many will seize this opportunity?

These are just some of the questions that will be addressed at the Constitutional Commission’s meeting at the Scots Parliament on December 11 to discuss the role of Broadcasting in Scotland.

The meeting with a panel of distinguished commentators will examine the current and future role of broadcasting in Scotland, including the place of the BBC and other media outlets, and will address the prospects for fundamental reform.

The meeting will have the ‘Question Time’ format that worked well in our successful public meeting in June.  The December 11th panel includes respected journalist Iain MacWhirter, Historian Professor Tom Devine, former SNP advisor Ewan Crawford, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine and blogger Kate Higgins.

Those wishing to register their interest can do so at this link –

John Drummond is Chair and co-founder of the Constitutional Commission