Scots unhappiest with Westminster and Unionist parties as approval ratings drop


Details of the latest ICM poll show that people in Scotland are more dissatisfied with the Westminster government and politicians of all three anti-independence parties than anywhere else in the UK.

The net disapproval ratings for the Westminster coalition government are minus 24% across Great Britain compared to a huge minus 38% in Scotland.

David Cameron’s disapproval ratings sit at minus 12% across Great Britain compared to minus 34% in Scotland; George Osborne’s are minus 32% (GB) to minus 62% (Sco); and Nick Clegg’s are minus 26% for GB compared to minus 34% north of the border.

However there was no joy for Labour with the survey showing the Labour opposition leaders in Westminster faring little better with Ed Miliband at minus 13% across Great Britain compared to minus 28% in Scotland; and Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls at minus 8% in Great Britain and minus 30% in Scotland.

Commenting SNP MSP Kevin Stewart said:

“There are a lot of reasons to be sceptical about Westminster government and politicians.  Not only do people across the UK have a negative view of them but in Scotland they are viewed in even greater negative terms across the board.

“These poll figures underscore how people in Scotland view Westminster decisions for Scotland.  They highlight how decisions for Scotland would be better made by those the people of Scotland directly elect rather than those Scotland doesn’t elect.

“This poll shows why independence is the best option for Scotland. That the people best placed to take decisions on all issues that affect Scotland are the people who choose to live and work in Scotland.

“That is the fundamental truth which resonates powerfully with people across this nation as they look towards the referendum that will give them the opportunity to make sure that these decisions are taken here in Scotland.”

The poll breakdowns for Scotland also show the SNP running at 43% compared to 36% for Labour, who dropped 6 points on their UK total of 42%.  Unionist parties can take some consolation from the relatively small Scottish sample which was 86 people from the 1006 who were surveyed across the UK between 24th and 26th August.