Scots urged to have their say as Referendum consultation enters final week


By a Newsnet reporter
The Scottish Government is urging the public to have their say in the Independence Referendum Consultation as the process enters its final week.
With over 16,000 submissions thus far, Scottish Government Minister Bruce Crawford has called on everyone living in Scotland to have their say on how the referendum should be run.

The Your Scotland, Your Referendum consultation was launched in January by First Minister Alex Salmond, it follows a similar consultation run by the Westminster government.

Encouraging as many people as possible to take up the opportunity to make their views known, Mr Crawford said:

“The Scottish Government believes the people who live in Scotland are the best people to make decisions about Scotland’s future.  We have seen a fantastic response from the people of Scotland with over 16,000 contributions so far.

“By responding to the consultation, people get to have their say on things like the referendum question, where we vote, should the vote be extended to 16 and 17 year olds and the possible inclusion of a second question on further substantial devolution.  The management of the
referendum process, the role of the Electoral Commission and ideas to increase turnout are also raised in the consultation, as are the proposed spending limits.

“Whatever your views on what Scotland’s future should be, now is the time to have your say on how the referendum should be run.  The consultation runs until May 11 and I urge everyone to take part and put forward their views on Scotland’s historic independence referendum.”

The Scottish Government will hold the referendum on Scottish independence in Autumn 2014.  Part of the consultation will be used in order to determine whether or not a further devo-max option will be included on the ballot paper.

Unionist parties are united in their opposition to a so called second question being available, they argue the ballot should contain a single question on independence or status quo.  However the Scottish Government have refused to rule out a multi-option ballot.

Full detail of the consultation can be found at

To respond to the consultation online go to


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