Scottish Conservatives launch manifesto for healthier Scotland


Continuing with their ‘Common Sense in Scotland’ campaign, the Scottish Conservatives launched a manifesto for a healthier Scotland yesterday.

The sports manifesto, dubbed fit4life, was announced by Scottish Conservative leader Annabel Goldie. Speaking at the event in Edinburgh, she said: “With the Commonwealth Games, the Ryder Cup and two Opens coming to Scotland in the next few years, and of course the Olympic Games in London, the next few years will be incredible for Scottish sport.

“They will be an amazing, unprecedented few years for Scotland. What a chance to inspire an entire generation of young Scots and encourage them to lead active, healthy lifestyles.

“It is common sense to seize the opportunity for a healthier Scotland, to make our country fit4life. With this manifesto, that’s exactly what Scottish Conservatives will do.”

Former Scotland rugby star and Grand Slam winner Gavin Hastings said: “Whether you have a natural talent or just enjoy playing, we all derive so much inspiration from sport. Seeing a home-grown sports star in action can often be the key to inspiring thousands of others to get involved. That’s why a plan of action to get Scots healthier and leave a lasting legacy from the Commonwealth Games is so welcome.

“The message is loud and clear – we need to get Scotland fit4life and these common sense plans from the Scottish Conservatives will help us do just that.”