Scottish Government pledges to speed up process of finding homes for children in care


The Scottish Government has pledged to reduce the time taken to find a permanent home for children in care.

The pledge, made by Minister for Children Angela Constance, highlighted a report published in June which showed some children who were deemed “at risk” had to wait up to 10 years for a home.

The Minister’s pledge comes in light of figures showing the number of children in care in Dundee is at a record high and council services have reached “saturation point.”

There are currently more than 700 children in care in Dundee in need of home placements.

Ms Constance said: “Appropriate, timely and child-centred care planning will ensure that these placements are achieved.

“Children are still waiting for a significant period of time in a system that should be working with their needs and rights at the centre.

“And nor can it be acceptable for the majority of children, as is the case in this report, to have waited more than four years.

“Two years may not seem long for adults but it is an eternity for children and some may say that this timescale is justifiable, but it can never be acceptable for a child to wait more than 10 years for a permanent home.”