Scottish Government responds to McCormac report


The McCormac report on teacher pay and conditions has been given a broad welcome by Education Secretary Michael Russell.

Mr Russell has set out his intention to discuss the recommendations of the report with the leaders of the teaching unions and COSLA, with a view to securing agreement on the way forward.

Mr Russell said:

“Firstly, I wish to thank Professor McCormac and the review team for their hard work and dedication to this review. These recommendations need to be given full and careful consideration as I believe they can make an important contribution to the work to develop our teaching workforce.

“Some of this work will be through the Scottish Negotiating Committee for Teachers and some will be done separately and will build on partnerships already in play. I will set out arrangements for this in the next month.

“Of course, this can not move forward without discussion and consultation with teaching unions, COSLA and other key players. That is why I have invited their leaders to meet me at an early date to ensure we keep the momentum going and discuss how we can work together to make sure we put in place the best outcomes for the teaching workforce.”

In January it was announced that Professor McCormac would chair a review of the 2001 agreement, which followed the McCrone report into teachers’ pay and conditions.

Mr Russell has written to the leaders of COSLA, teaching unions and other key players to invite them to a joint meeting to discuss the report.