Scottish independence – A letter to US newspapers


The following is a letter written by a US citizen angry about the coverage in the USA of the Scottish independence debate.  The letter is to be sent to several US newspapers.

Newsnet Scotland has received permission to publish the letter here.

Dear Editor/To whom it may concern:

In the past few weeks I have read various articles in American Media talking about the pitfalls to America concerning Scotland’s vote for Independence in 2014. I’ve found them to be, basically, cut and paste fallacies and specious reasonings that could have come right out from Westminster’s own playbook to undermine the movement.

Oddly, no one was talking about Scottish Independence much at all until First Minister Alex Salmond and Prime Minister David Cameron signed the agreement that Scotland can, and will, be holding its vote of Freedom in 2014. It isn’t a recent development or movement, but as the day draws closer, American Media’s response seems to be turning into, sadly, stereotypical Ugly American cries of “What will happen to us?!?!?”.

The movement for Independence in Scotland has been going on for some time, and now with under two years until this historic, and in every way legal, vote by the people of Scotland, we see the media tossing in their two cents; proclaiming the end of the Western World when Scotland becomes an Independent Nation. I can claim no Scottish blood. I have never seen Braveheart. I do not own a kilt. I don’t really care for golf. Yes, I do like Bagpipes, Whisky, and banter with my friends, but those are things not only for Scots to enjoy.

What I can say is, I have read and studied upon the topic of Scottish Independence for about a year and a half now. Done some number crunching, comparing, etc. and have found there is no real, honest reason the people of Scotland cannot-let alone should not-be allowed to govern their own affairs and means. Listening to the worries about NATO, The world economy, The Trident Naval base are just the same old tried and failed wailings of spoiled children. When it comes from American media, however, it becomes something much worse.

Scotland can, and will in all likelihood, stay in NATO. Only now, they can dictate what resources and troops to send where, not Westminster. The financial crisis that spread around the globe like a virus was due to American Financial Practises that infected global economies. So far, only Iceland has done any real addressing of the core of the problem in their nation. Scotland does not need to join the Euro. They can continue to use the Pound, or create their own currency. The vastness of their resources give them enough to care for themselves. The Trident Naval base should be closed/moved if the people of Scotland wish it to be. No, the Rooskies will not invade the UK as Chavez meets with Salmond. That’s just blatant, unfounded scaremongering at its worst.

The ties historically between America and Scotland are strong and deep. As a nation who proclaims freedom and liberty for all, we surely should stand for the right of a Nation to be free and independent, not pander to Westminster. I proudly support Yes, Scotland! and the Scottish National Party. I believe all Americans should support Scottish Independence, not for what it does for us, but for what it allows Scotland to do for herself. Although there are some Americans who do not support the movement, quite vocally, and it is obvious it is for their own personal gain.


Glenn Wm. Wymore