Scottish Independence: Yes or No? – A new book by Alan Cochrane and George Kerevan


In September 2014, a referendum will be held in Scotland to decide whether or not the nation should become independent.  This is the first real head-to-head debate in print between the two sides of the independence argument.

In this book, two of the nation’s leading political journalists will address both sides of the independence argument.  George Kerevan puts forward the case for voting Yes, and Alan Cochrane outlines the arguments for voting No.

They will both look at the potential impact of independence on a number of key economic, social, political, defence and cultural issues, explaining the historic and international background behind their points of view.  Interested readers will be able to weigh up the arguments themselves.

George Kerevan is a Scottish journalist and Scottish National Party politician.  He was associate editor of The Scotsman from 2000 to 2009.

Alan Cochrane is a Scottish journalist and political commentator.  He was Editor of the Scottish Daily Express and is currently the Scottish editor of the Daily Telegraph.

Purchase the book for £7.99 paperback original, 978-0-7509-5583-6

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