Labour needs a Mr T


by Mark Irvine

Thursday’s election result has landed Scottish Labour with a B-Team from which to choose its new leader – when they desperately need a real A-Team sort of person – a leader with real style and pizazz.

Someone with that X Factor who can lift the party out of its doldrums – a Mr T figure who can rally the dispirited troops – and breathe new life in a party that has lost its way.

But whether they can do so from the talent pool left to the party after Thursday’s election – is another matter altogether.

Most of the obvious contenders have either fled to Westminster already or lost their seats – in the rout by the SNP.

And what’s left doesn’t exactly inspire confidence.

Be honest – who would you want to take with you from the Labour opposition group – if you were going on a big night out on the town?

I think I’d prefer to stay in and watch the telly – or even clean the oven.

Maybe I shouldn’t laugh – but the sorry state of the Labour party pains me somewhat because I used to be a member – albeit a long time ago.

What’s clear is that it’s not good for Scottish democracy or the body politic – for Labour to be laid so low – even if they got what they so richly deserved after all these years.

So what Labour needs is its own Mr T – or maybe even a Mrs T – though on second thoughts another Mrs T might not go down so well with the Scottish voters.

Ah well, back to the drawing board.