Scottish Labour must break away and possibly change its name, says Purcell

Steven Purcell (left) discusses the election fall-out with Derek Bateman

Exclusive by a Reporter

Steven Purcell, former leading light of Scottish Labour, believes his party must undertake a completely separate operation if it is to resurrect its traditional strength in Scotland.

Purcell, former Labour leader of Glasgow City Council and once tipped as a future Scottish party leader before   standing down after a personal scandal, believes Labour’s humiliation earlier this month was inevitable.

He told interviewer Derek Bateman that the party needs a major re-think if it is to recover ground, and argued that recovery could take many years to achieve.

Steven Purcell: Labour needs a major re-think
Steven Purcell: Labour needs a major re-think

Purcell’s words will ring true for many Labour members, particularly those who were perturbed by the “old school” approach of Jim Murphy’s calamitous leadership period, who concentrated their fire on the SNP rather than presenting positive reasons to vote Labour.

Despite that, he believes Murphy should have stayed as leader while his party sorts out its mess and focuses on the future. That future should include breaking away from London, and possibly even changing its name, says Purcell.

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