Labour Party welcomes fraudster back to the fold


A former Labour party councillor who fiddled £26,500 in false wage claims has been welcomed back into the Labour Party.

Despite not doing any work Tommy Williams (pictured right) confessed to submitting false time sheets to claim wages from Glasgow City Council as a community support worker in the social work department.

The reason he wasn’t doing any work was that he was busy drawing a full-time salary for his role as Labour councillor in Renfewshire Council undertaking duties such as his membership of the council’s Licensing Board. Williams was forced to repay the cash but received a ‘not proven’ verdict after claiming that his boss at Glasgow City Council had sanctioned his bogus wages claims.

In a strange coincidence Williamson’s ward of Paisly North West falls under the consituency of Wendy Alexander MSP who also avoided criminal prosecution after it emerged that she had accepted an illegal donation.  Ms Alexander was forced to step down as leader of the Labour’s Scottish MSPs in Holyrood.

Astonishingly news has emerged that the Labour group on Renfrewshire Council last week agreed that Williams would be welcomed back into the fold.

The standard of proof in a criminal court is different from that used in civil proceedings – or in most disciplinary procedures – where the test is based on the balance of probabilities.

Whatever Tommy Williams may have claimed about the conduct of his colleagues he admitted the false claims over a long period of time and was forced to repay the money he defrauded.

In most democracies no party would consider a move like this with national elections a matter of weeks away.  Observers may wonder what it is about Labour and the West of Scotland that is so unique in this respect?