Scottish Prison Service bombarded by inmate complaints


A request made under the Freedom of Information Act has seen the release of figures revealing that 36,295 separate complaints have been made across Scotland’s 16 prisons since 2009.

It shows the most common grievances raised were over the standard of medical care, confiscation of property and personal allegations against prison staff.

A Scottish Prison Service (SPS) spokesman said:

“Prisoner complaints are provided for under the prison rules and the SPS complies with the terms of those rules. The legislation is currently ­under review and views have been invited from all interested parties”

Scottish Conservative Justice Spokesperson, John Lamont MSP, said:


“No one disputes that there must be a proper process for prisoner grievances. However, it is clear that many prisoners view the system as an excuse to complain about anything and everything. It’s as if they expect a life of luxury behind bars to be theirs by right.

“Our soft-touch SNP Justice Secretary has described prison as a ‘skoosh’ and it’s clear that many prisoners feel that is how it should be as well. We want prison to be tough with real opportunities for rehabilitation, not a walk in the park where pampered convicts waste valuable staff time with a number of meaningless complaints.”