Scottish Socialists for Independence announces launch


A new campaigning group for independence has announced it will launch on May 28th.  Scottish Socialists for Independence is a cross party campaign open to all who support the aim of a socialist, republican, and independent Scotland.

Maggie Chetty, secretary of the new group, said in a statement:

“We in the Communist Party of Scotland and many Scottish socialist republicans believe that independence will break the bonds of Empire, dismantle the autocratic, monarchical British State and create a situation where we can develop democratic and more equitable relations with the nations of England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

“We have set up Socialists for Independence (SSI) as another strand of the left in Scotland. We do not seek to compete with or replace other strands – you can be a member of our organisation as well as other organisations or parties as long as you support our goal of an independent, socialist republican Scotland.

“We feel at this time in the debate it is crucial to stress the broad nature of the support for independence, to support the SNP’s progressive proposals and to insert socialist demands in the on-going debate.”

Billed as a “night of music and politics”, Scottish Socialists for Independence will hold their launch in St Andrews in the Square, Calton, Glasgow at 7.30pm on Tuesday May 28.  All those who support a vision for a left-wing and progressive Scottish Republic are welcome to attend.