Scottish steel for Forth Crossing


Clare Adamson MSP has welcomed the news that steel for the Forth Replacement Crossing (FRC) will come from Tata at Motherwell.

Ms Adamson, MSP for Central Scotland, celebrated the news that Tata in Motherwell is to provide steel to Darlington based Cleveland Bridge to produce girders for the new crossing and outlined the positive impact the FRC’s is having Scotland-wide, against the misleading statements from opposition politicians.

She said:

“This is excellent news for Motherwell and sends out a fresh reminder of just how important the massive Forth Crossing development is to all of Scotland.

“Over 300 Scottish firms have already benefited from subcontracts and 1200 people are employed on site.  Tata is yet another Scottish based business benefiting from the supply chain for the Forth Crossing.

“If Labour had their way and scrapped construction there would be no benefits to Motherwell at all.

“This is great news for Motherwell, and shows that the benefits of the Forth Replacement Crossing will stretch across Scotland.

“The FRC is an absolutely essential project for Scotland’s infrastructure, sustainable economic growth and will continue to create 1000s of more jobs for Scottish people before it opens to traffic in 2016.”