Scottish Sun bucks circulation trend



February ABC’s show that the Scottish Sun bucked the circulation trend with its average daily sale reaching 354,468; this was compared to 351,869 in January.  The Daily Record however saw a drop in daily circulation, going from 309,846 in January to 306,350 last month.


The gap in sales between The Scottish Sun and The Daily record has now widened to 48,118.  The figure is an increase of around 6000 from the January figure of 42,023 as measured by Average Net Circulation. (Figures include free give-aways)


Other Scottish titles to see month on month falls in sales include The Herald, The Scotsman, The Sunday Herald, The Scotland on Sunday and The Sunday Post.

  • The Herald – 55,519 (In January it was 55,778)
  • Scotland on Sunday – 55,327 (In January it was 57,551)
  • The Scotsman – 44,553 (In January it was 45,687)
  • Sunday Herald – 41,796 (In January it was 42,500)
  • Sunday Post – 234,165 (In January it was compared to 234,522)

Scotland’s largest selling newspaper – The Sunday Mail – saw a drop of almost 5000 with a February figure of 373,358 compared to 378,321 for January.


Newspapers sales have struggled since the advent of the internet and publishers in Scotland are worried that proposals by the Scottish government to place local authority public notices on the web will further hit revenue.  The plans would see councils saving around £6 million a year by allowing them to place such notices on a new government website.