Scottish Water delivering results and jobs


Scottish Water’s £2.45 billion investment programme supported more than 5,000 construction jobs in Scotland according to a report published today.

The Output Monitoring Group report shows that Scottish Water performed well during the 2006-10 period, delivering one of the largest investment programmes ever in the UK to improve water and sewerage services.

Key findings of the report are:

* Investments provided 5,000 construction jobs across Scotland
* 1,600km of pipes were replaced or relined and more than 550 water or waste treatment works maintained
* Between 2006 and 2010 service improved by 76 per cent – standards of service are now comparable to those in England and Wales
* Scottish Water’s leakage rate fell by more than a third – saving enough water to supply half of Scotland’s households every day
* 3.5 million people will have benefitted from improvements in drinking water quality – drinking water quality is at its highest level ever

Commenting on the findings Infrastructure Minister Keith Brown said:

“Scottish Water has delivered significant improvements to the standards of service to customers, as well as to the quality of drinking water. It has put in place additional capacity allowing new domestic and business customers to connect to water and sewerage services and, through its investment programme and the positive impact on construction sector employment, is making a real and positive contribution to our goal of increased sustainable economic growth.

“Scottish Water also deserves credit for reducing its leakage rate by more than a third – saving enough water to supply half of Scotland’s households every day.

“Following the hard work of Scottish Water staff in assisting customers with frozen pipes during this winter’s severe winter, this is further evidence of the utility’s status as a great public company. We are of course currently consulting on ways Scottish Water can take on new functions, help generate more green energy and develop new commercial opportunities. I encourage those with an interest in today’s findings and in the debate about giving Scottish Water room to grow, within public ownership, to have their say to help create a great Scottish enterprise.”