Scrap Trident: April weekend of protest and action planned


A weekend of action in protest against the Trident nuclear weapon system has been announced for the 13th to 15th of April inclusive.

The action, which will include a mixture of demonstrations and training, leading to a peaceful blockade of the Faslane naval base, is being organised by a group of a dozen different anti-nuclear, socialist and green groups.

The weekend will comprise of three main events:

• Saturday April 13th: National demonstration against Trident in Glasgow;
• Sunday April 14th: Mass workshops and non-violent direct action training in Glasgow;
• Monday April 15th: Mass blockade of Faslane naval base and supporting demonstration.

A spokesperson for the group, writing on the Jimmy Reid Foundation website, said:

“We, a coalition of active political groups in Scotland who are opposed to Trident, believe that with the increased debate on nuclear weapons in the run up to the Independence Referendum, mobilisation in Scotland is essential to ensure that the opportunities for disarmament that we are faced with in the coming years are not allowed to pass.
“It was unanimously decided that the time has come to resurrect a mass movement against Trident in Scotland. For too long we have tolerated the presence of Weapons of Mass Destruction on the Clyde.
“Briefing packs, a mailing list, website and free workshops on Trident and non-violent direct action at Faslane will be available soon.”