Sculpture made of Giant Panda poop sells for £28,500 (300,000 yuan)


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The ongoing event “Creativity for a nursing home” happening in Henan province has been transformed into a creativity competition with the theme of Panda. Recently, the Henan Museum of Art has become the holy land of creativity and imagination where countless young people and adults came to “worship”. Other than fighting to read the essay “My dad is a panda” written by a 12 year old girl, which already sold for 100,000 yuan, audiences were also stunned by some other panda arts. A replica sculpture of Venus de Mio in the center of the museum became the hot spot, not because people haven’t seen a statue of Venus de Mio before, it was the special material used: giant panda poop!

Kids from the home of the Giant Pandas – Sichuan Province led by famous sculptor Mr. Zhu Cheng, replicated this world famous sculpture with panda dung.

Audiences from time to time leaned closer to the sculpture to smell the yellow statue of Venus. Some claimed that it smelled really good.

The wonderful work also attracted great interest of collectors, after purchasing a little girl’s essay for 100,000 yuan, world-class collector Uli Sigg also had a strong interest of this Chinese Venus. A later report by Sina said the Swiss collector Uli Sigg who owns the largest collection of contemporary Chinese art purchased for 300,000 yuan.

The art charity event attracted enthusiastic participation of more than 15,000 young people all over the country. The creative materials they have handed over

so far generated over 1 million yuan of funds. In Henan, our preliminary estimate of housing cost was 600 yuan per square meter. So far we can at least use the money to build a house over 1000 square meter for the elders.

Should we thank the Pandas, for providing its image free of charge, and its droppings?







“Collector Uli Sigg” Sina



Child’s Essay Fetches £9, 5000

A 12-year-old female middle school student’s essay was also purchased by the Swiss collector Uli Sigg for 100,000 yuan. The title of the essay was “My dad is a panda”. This two thousand word essay was about how her father acted differently before and after he drinks alcohol, which is black and white, just like the panda. Uli Sigg spent total of 1 million yuan in the exhibition, this essay was the first item he chose.



My dad is a panda

By Zhang Lintong (age: 12) One Eight United International School, Zhengzhou

Life has two sides, black and white; society also has black and white two sides, how about my dad? Hehe, he is a Panda, also is black and white.

My dad is a 45-year-old mid-aged good looking man. His whole body exudes a sense of maturity and sprit of a true man. Sometimes he is as attentive as a woman sometimes he is more rugged than men. I just like this kind of dad.

His mood changes often, especially after drinking. Living in this world, who doesn’t have sorrow? Dad always likes to drink when he is down. In the living room, watching my dad’s lonely figure, he only drinks very little each time, but because of low tolerance he always gets drunk. Dad is very cute when he is drunk, his face is like a red apple, sometimes silly laughs, and sometimes sheds tears in silence, who knows his hardships?

Drunken dad loves to talks to me, sometimes yells at me: little dummy, dumb girl, each word shows his love to me. Don’t you think there is no change when my dad gets drunk, there is a huge difference! When he is sober, he is rational and nice, but when his drunk, he has very bad temper, can be described as fierce.

Once, because of me, dad drank, and was very drunk. He also cried. The tears dripping down like they dropped on my heart, is it because of me? I went up to him to comfort him, but he waved his hand and opened his mouth to shout at me, “Leave me!!” not letting me near. I know my dad, he is the backbone of the family, shouldering great responsibility. His does not show his sadness normally, only after drinking. I am going to a very expensive school and the spending at home is very tight, what should my dad do? But I still cannot stand his bad temper, it hurts!! Sometimes, I want to talk back, but I control myself when I think about he is my dad. Thinking about it carefully, so what dad has these little problems, he sacrificed so much for me, how can I only remember his bad but not his good?

In order for me to go to a good school, for better learning, mom started working out of town since when I was little. She only comes back in the holidays and summer vacations. I love my mom, miss my mom, and mom loves me more misses me more. She works outside is for me, I cannot concentrate on missing my mom, I must do well in school, to repay my mother. So then I started to study really hard.

My dad assumed the important task of taking care of me, he never complained, always carefully nurturing me and take care of me in every possible way. How can he work when he takes care of me is well? My dad quit his job, and now only does a little business on the side.

Every time, when I eat the delicious food my dad eats leftover. When I am sick, my dad is so anxious and rushes me to the hospital on his back. When his is sick, he never makes a noise, just quietly does his own things. I go up to him to persuade him to go to the hospital, to get some medicine to get better faster. Dad always says, no, I will be fine! I stopped persuading him but my tears have already streamed down. Dad, I will repay what you have done for me.

During my elementary school, dad has many tasks. I eat lunch at school, so my dad always makes good breakfast and dinner. But what about lunch? Only one dish or one soup… I asked my dad, “dad, what do you eat for lunch? How come there are no leftovers?” Dad always laughs, “Dad eats really well, and dad has a huge appetite.” I wanted to cry when I heard that, daughter knows you don’t eat well!

Just like that, dad takes care of me day and night, gets up 4 or 5 in the morning and sleeps at 1 or 2! Waiting till I got o school, dad is alone at home and feels no warmth of a family. Even so, dad will still do some business on the side to support the family. During break, he calls my mom and writes her letters, tells her we are all safe.

Six years has passed, I am already in the first grade of middle school, in a good school. Fees are also expensive, over twenty thousand a year! Mom and dad grinding their teeth to support me, I promise I will make money to honor you!!

This is my dad, he has some problems, but, everything he does for me already eradicated all those problems for me, I want to say, Dad thank you! You are really a great “panda”!

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