Seal you later!


A 14 year-old harbour seal is set to cause a stir later today, when she arrives at St Andrews Aquarium in Fife.

Nelly is being flown over from the Fisheries and Maritime Museum in Esbjerg, Denmark, to be reunited with three month-old son, Leif, who touched down yesterday afternoon with help from bmi regional, and her two year-old son, Togo, who made the journey to Scotland over 14 months ago.

Crowds are expected to gather at St Andrews Aquarium this evening to welcome the mother of baby Leif and young Togo, both of whom were born in Denmark. The arrival of Nelly brings the complement of harbour seals at St Andrews Aquarium to four.

Aquarium manager, John Mace commented: “It was obvious when Leif arrived yesterday and got in his new pool that he was a bit puzzled by everything that was happening. However we hope when Nelly arrives they will both settle in quickly.

“Togo arriving last year was fantastic. Seals are naturally very social animals and Laurel, who was our only seal, was so lonely that she scaled a 4ft fence to meet her new playmate Togo. It’s very, very rare to have a seal this young and we’re certain that visitors to the Aquarium will love to hear about their fur-raising globetrotting tales when they come to visit.”

To celebrate Nelly’s arrival and ensure a strong welcoming committee, entry to the Aquarium after 4pm will be half price on Thursday.