Senior Lamont aide under fire over ‘Salmond an arse’ online comment


  By a Newsnet reporter
A senior aide to Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont has come under fire after posting offensive online messages aimed at First Minister Alex Salmond.
Paul Sinclair, who is Ms Lamont’s chief advisor, questioned whether Mr Salmond was “an arse” after the First Minister was pictured with golfer Phil Mickelson after the golfing superstar had been presented with the winning trophy at the Scottish Open.

Mr Salmond, who jointly presented the US golfing legend with the trophy had been beckoned back onto the podium by the US golfer in order to have photos taken.  The images sparked a string of insults from several pro-Union users of social media.

Mr Sinclair, a former journalist tweeted: “Salmond pictured with Mickelson at Scottish Open. Can anyone remember last time a British PM was pictured with Open winner? Is FM an arse?”

The Scottish Labour official later made a reference to the First Minister’s weight and tweeted: “looking at the picture….which one is on Rihanna’s bikini diet……as the SNP spun last weekend?”

His twitter account featured an exchange with another critic of Mr Salmond who used a vulgar term to describe the First Minister.

“please tell me the fm was not waving the saltire flagstick as Phil was collecting the trophy. What a b***end”

The tweets led to several users of the social media site suggesting the comments were inappropriate, something Mr Sinclair dismissed.  The Scottish Labour official responded by tagging later tweets with the term #arsegate.

Editor of Holyrood Magazine, Mandy Rhodes, suggested the language was not something that would be condoned by Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont.

Responding in a tweet of her own, Ms Rhodes said: “The @JohannLamontMSP I know would surely not approve of the language her advisor is using about FM.”

In a reference to Ms Lamont’s continued silence over the Falkirk fiasco, Ms Rhodes added:  “Is she ‘reflecting’ before she acts?”