Setback for No campaign as poll shows Scots overwhelmingly reject Tory Government


By a Newsnet reporter
The strength of feeling amongst Scots unhappy with a Conservative led UK Government has been revealed following a poll which shows eighty per cent of those asked did not agree that it was better for Scotland.
The poll of 1006 adults, conducted by YouGov on behalf of the SNP, also found that seven in ten Scots do not trust the Government in Westminster to take the right decisions for Scotland.

The survey will provide reminders of the difficulty facing Labour in Scotland as they officially cement their alliance with the Conservatives and their coalition partners the Lib Dems with today’s launch of the No campaign. 

The campaign will feature leading Conservatives, Lib Dems and Labour politicians and is to be spearheaded by former Labour Chancellor, Alistair Darling.

The Yougov poll, taken between the 21st and 23rd June, shows that only 17% of Labour supporters believe we are better as part of the UK when there is a Tory government.

When asked “how much trust, if any, do you have in the UK Government in Westminster to take the right decisions for Scotland”, only 28% who replied said “a great deal” or “a fair amount” compared to 69% who replied “do not trust much” or “not at all.”

When asked if they agree that “It is better for Scotland to be part of the United Kingdom when there is a Conservative Government in Westminster” – only 20% agreed, with 50% disagreeing.

The poll also shows a sharp division in opinions between Conservative voters and those who voted Labour and Lib Dem, with the latter two groups much more in line with SNP voters than with Tories.

SNP Campaign Director Angus Robertson said the results were a “severe blow” to the No campaign that highlighted the difficulties facing Labour.

Mr Robertson said:

“This poll comes as a severe blow to the ‘Better Together’ Labour/Tory alliance and highlights the real dangers for the Labour Party in their pact with the Tories, as they try to tell Scottish voters that we are better off today with Tory austerity, Tory welfare cuts and Tory plans to waste £100 billion on new nuclear weapons.

“By getting in to bed with the Tories like this, Labour is risking the same voter backlash which has already seen the Lib Dems all but wiped out in Scotland.

“With so few Scots trusting the Westminster government to do the right thing for Scotland, Labour now face the prospect of not only sharing a platform with hugely unpopular Tory politicians, but also telling Scotland that we are better off with these self-same Tory politicians in charge.”

Mr Robertson insisted that Scotland would be better off with self-government with decisions on the economy and equality taken by the people of Scotland.

He added: “Labour voters are more closely aligned with the SNP on these issues and yet the Labour leadership is siding with the Tory Party.  Today, the big question for the Labour Party is why would you rather have David Cameron making decisions about Scotland’s economy and society?

“The people of Scotland don’t trust the Government in Westminster, and clearly the Labour Party doesn’t trust the people of Scotland.”

The survey comes only days after another poll showed widespread support for a second option on the referendum ballot paper, something opposed by all three Unionist parties.

The MORI poll, commissioned by the Civic Scotland campaign “Future of Scotland”, showed that seven out of ten people in Scotland believed that the referendum ballot paper should include a Devo-Max option.