Sexual assault case against Strauss-Kahn collapsing


New York prosecutors accept new information undermines the credibility of the allegations of sexual assault by the 32-year-old maid against Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former director of the International Monetary Fund, and the case is all but ended.

She lied to the grand jury, for example, saying that after the alleged assault in Mr Strauss-Kahn’s suite in the Sofitel, just off Times Square, she had waited for him to leave and then directly told hotel managers of what had occurred.

She admitted her account was false and that after the alleged incident in Suite 2806, she proceeded to clean a nearby room and then in fact returned to Suite 2806 and began to clean that suite again before she reported the incident to her supervisor.

Evidence is emerging that begins to further discredit her credibility : a recording exists of her talking one day, after the alleged assault, with a prison inmate facing charges of possessing 400lbs of marijuana.

She apparently talks about the money she might make from the scandal. Moreover, the jailed man to whom the maid spoke is among a variety of individuals who over two years have deposited upto $100,000 into bank accounts held by the maid.

The change in fortune of Strauss-Kahn may affect the French political landscape where Mr Strauss-Kahn , had been considered a likely and potent socialist challenger in next year’s presidential election.

If Strauss-Kahn is fully cleared he may yet still be the Left’s candidate of choice.