Sheridan backs Salmond for constituency vote


Alex Salmond and the SNP have won the support of Tommy Sheridan, currently serving a three-year prison term for lying under oath. Although denied the right to vote, Sheridan wrote in his prison blog that if he could vote he would vote for the SNP in the constituency vote on May 5th, and his own Solidarity party in the regional, or list, vote.

Sheridan said he saw the SNP as a party often to the left of Labour party, which was “dragged into a right wing abyss of free market worship and warmongering immorality” under Blair and Brown. He wrote: “Until New Labour abandon their Tory adopted philosophies and policies they deserve to be electorally kicked in the private parts.”

Sheridan’s endorsement comes as the SNP announced they have won the support of Chief Executive of the Year Martin Gilbert, of Aberdeen Asset Management, and Jim Spowart, the founder of Intelligent Finance and Direct Line Financial Services.