Sillars to return to Govan to put the case for socialist independence


Jim Sillars will return to the scene of his famous victory in the 1988 Govan by election when he joins Scottish Socialist Party national spokesman Colin Fox at a public meeting in Govan where they will put forward the case for an independent socialist Scotland.

The meeting, organised by the SSP, will be held on Tuesday 1st April in the Pearce Institute at 7.30 pm and is part of a series of joint appearances from Mr Sillars and Colin Fox. The meeting is open to all and is free of charge.

Colin said : “The meetings we have been doing have been packed out as, for example¬† a few weeks ago in Ayr Town Hall.

“Both Jim and the SSP know that the votes of the working class majority will be pivotal in wining a Yes vote in September and at all our meeting it is clear that more and more working peoplle are planning to vote Yes in September.

“They are seeing through the scares and and stunts and increasingly see independence as the viable way to end Tory rule, cuts and austerity.

“I am confident that we will once again have an informative and lively debate at the Pearce Institute on Tuesday and urge the public to come along and hear our case”