Siobhan McMahon MSP – article corrected


Newsnet Scotland would like to draw our readers attention to a corrected article.

On Sunday 4th November 2012 we published a story about Labour MSP Siobhan McMahon in which we headlined that she had been “removed” from a position as aide to Johann Lamont.

Our story was based on an article that appeared in the Sunday Herald, this was made clear in our article.

Ms McMahon has since drawn our attention to a correction issued by the newspaper one week after it published the article in which it withdraws the claim that the Labour MSP was removed, but did in fact withdraw voluntarily.

We were not aware of this correction until this weekend and have now updated our original article to reflect this correction.

The Labour MSP challenges other aspects of our article as it currently stands and has asked us to withdraw it.  However Newsnet Scotland believes the amended article reflects the facts as we understand them.

The updated article can be seen here.