SNP and Labour pledge to protect Scotland’s pensioners and carers


by G.A.Ponsonby

SNP Depute Leader and candidate for Glasgow Southside, Nicola Sturgeon, has set out the SNP’s commitment to Scotland’s pensioners from a re-elected SNP Government.

Speaking on the day the party launched a manifesto specifically targeted at the needs of Scotland’s pensioners, Ms Sturgeon pledged to protect the ‘people who built the nation’ from rising bills.

Ms Sturgeon said a vote for the SNP would be a vote for a Scottish Government committed to a fair deal for Scotland’s older generation with a five year council tax freeze, investment in the NHS and safer communities.

Launching the party’s pensioner’s manifesto Ms Sturgeon said:

“Scotland’s pensioners are the generation who built our nation.  Our pensioners should be able to enjoy their older years without worrying about rising costs and bills.

“Over the last four years the SNP has helped make Scotland fairer for our pensioners by freezing the unfair council tax and a re-elected SNP Government will keep that council tax freeze in place for the whole parliament.”

The SNP’s deputy leader highlighted her party’s support for the NHS and police numbers and added: “It is only a vote for the SNP and Alex Salmond for First Minister that will deliver a Scottish Government and Parliament who will look out for the best interests of our senior citizens.  Voting SNP in both the constituency and list votes are vital to achieving an SNP Government and progress for Scotland.”

Meanwhile Labour deputy leader Johann Lamont has said that her party would introduce a ‘carers champion’ to its cabinet to put carers at the centre of government decision making.

Ms Lamont also pledged to increase provision of respite care and establish a carers’ summit.

She also spoke about co-operatives, adding: “Scotland has a proud tradition of co-operation and mutuality.  The Fenwick Weavers Society in East Ayrshire is the world’s oldest known co-operative, which this year celebrates its 250th anniversary.

“Scottish Labour believes that co-ops and mutuals are not just a proud part of Scotland’s history – they have a major role to play in Scotland’s future.”