SNP and Plaid to demand fuel duty regulator


The SNP / Plaid Cymru group at Westminster will use their annual allotment of parliamentary time to demand the UK Government introduce a fuel duty regulator without delay.

The parties, who form the governments of Scotland and Wales, are angry at the UK coalition government’s inaction over escalating prices at the pumps, particularly for people living in remote areas.

Previous topics raised by the SNP and Plaid have included the invasion of Iraq and the impeachment of Tony Blair.  This year, the joint group have decided to call for action on spiralling fuel prices in a debate that will take place at 3.30pm on Monday 7th February.

Commenting in advance of the debate, SNP Treasury Spokesman, Stewart Hosie MP, said:

“This may well be the last opportunity MPs will have to debate fuel prices ahead of the Budget in March and the fuel duty increase in April, and so it is crucial that we persuade the Tory-led government to honour its pre-election pledge and establish a fuel duty regulator.

“The country is crying out for action to bring down fuel prices, and this SNP / Plaid debate will be a focus for that.

“It’s a national scandal that, in Europe’s oil-richest country, Scots are paying among the highest fuel prices.”

With the cost of diesel approaching £7 per gallon in rural areas the Scots/Welsh alliance is calling for fuel duty derogation to be introduced to the remotest areas as soon as possible.