SNP call on Labour to back job creation calls


Ahead of the Scottish Government’s publication of a paper on the devolution of job creating Corporation Tax powers to the Scottish Parliament, the SNP has called on Labour to step up to the plate and back moves to help grow Scotland’s economy.

The paper will consider how the devolution of corporation tax and powers to establish tax incentives for growth areas could boost Scotland’s economy.

The SNP claim that since the election, the Labour party has failed to put forward any ideas to boost Scotland’s economy and, say the nationalists that despite the support of Scotland’s leading job creators Jim McColl and Sir Tom Hunter, Labour is supporting the Tories and Lib Dems in opposing the move using inaccurate figures from the Tory Government to do so.

SNP MSP and Scotland Bill Committee member Stewart Maxwell MSP said:

“The SNP are building recovery in Scotland, but Scotland needs job creation powers to get our economy powering forward.  With control of corporation tax we could incentivise the green economy, back small businesses and boost job creation.

“The SNP put the issue of devolving Corporation Tax to the people in the election – and achieved a resounding mandate.  Yet Labour still refuse to listen to the voice of the people of Scotland – they would rather lie down for Westminster than stand up for Scotland.

“When two of Scotland’s leading job creators support Scotland taking responsibility for her own economy, it is ridiculous that Labour’s Finance spokesman prefers to side with a Tory-led government at Westminster.

“Scotland’s economy is recovering from the UK recession – with our jobs market outperforming the position south of the Border – but with the right job creating powers there is so much more we could do to support long term sustainable economic growth.”